Travel Advisor Award Winner

Honored that our Lakeside Villa at Litchfield by the Sea was recognized by Travel Advisor at a “Best of 2014” award winner.  Check out our listing and see the reviews on Trip Advisor –  You can also visit our other website to learn more about the Pawleys Island area.  We have included restaurant recommendations, things to do and more.  If you are looking for a terrific vacation rental along the Grand Strand, add us to your short list.  Litchfield by the Sea is just a short drive south of Myrtle Beach.  Close enough to enjoy the attractions, but far enough away to get out of the traffic.  Enjoy amenities such as private beach access with showers and bathrooms, lighted tennis courts, fishing and crabbing docks, and walking / jogging trails.

trip advisor winner


Litchfield Country Club – Conde Nast Rated Top 50


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The Beaches at Pawleys Island & Litchfield Beach

Area Beaches


One of the remaining pristine public beaches uncluttered by high rises and unspoiled by overcrowding and commercialism, Pawleys Island, South Carolina is a longtime favorite to locals and out-of-state visitors alike.

The beaches at Pawleys Island in South Carolina are situated on the Atlantic Ocean between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. There are two causeways that access the beach: one located at the north end of the island between Highway 17 North, otherwise known as Ocean Highway, and across from Waverly Road; the other causeway is south of the island from Highway 17 North and veers off to the right at the traffic light before the Food Lion Shopping Center on to South Causeway Road.

Once on the island, beach goers can go north or south and find beach access along the oceanfront. There is limited public parking on the island and visitors who are not staying on the island need to beware of frequent ticketing of vehicles not utilizing parking locations. There are limited public restroom facilities at the south end of the island only. The best beach access is from one of our rentals homes either oceanfront or off ocean.

Since the island of Pawleys Island itself has no commercial properties, visitors can venture across the causeways to Pawleys Island mainland to find restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, boutiques, beach services, boating and fishing equipment and services, and many other retail establishments that offer anything one might need for their beach experience.



Go north on Ocean Highway from Pawleys Island and you’ll enter the area known as Litchfield. There are three distinct areas of this community: South Litchfield, Litchfield by the Sea, and North Litchfield. South Litchfield is accessed from the south portion of the island along Litchfield Drive. Once on the island, there are beach access points between various homes. The parking is also very limited. The solution? Stay at one of the various vacation rentals at Litchfield by the Sea such as  63A Lakeside Villas. Litchfield by the Sea offers plenty of parking, amenities and PRIVATE BEACH ACCESS.

Big Improvements at Litchfield by the Sea

The private community and preferred vacation resort of Litchfield by the Sea is undergoing some beautification projects that will be enjoyed by all residents and visitors this Spring.  A roundabout with a fountain, new  beach house, updated landscaping and more are all part of this enhancement project.  Look for more photos soon.


Fall Golf in Pawleys Island

Myrtle Beach / Pawleys Island area has been known as the “Golfer’s Mecca or Paradise” for many years. It has grown in fame to become the “Golf Capital of the World”. What helps make the golf courses in the area so famous?  There are over 100 courses throughout the Grand Strand, many designed by world- renowned architects. The mild, Mediterranean climate that Pawleys Island experiences with excellent turf management, combine to provide an area that sees more rounds of golf played each year than any other in the world.

Good turf management is one the main keys to the success of any golf course. In an area that sees high temperature, high amounts of salt water and high traffic makes finding the right species of grass to use on throughout the course is a must. Traditional bentgrasses have been used in Myrtle Beach / Pawleys Island until recently. Hybrid grasses have been made available that produce a wonderfully smooth green. Two that have become popular around the area are a hybrid Bermuda grass and SeaDwarf Paspalum, both are resistant to heat, tolerant of salt water and provide golfers with smooth play. These require less irrigation and fertilizer making the area courses more environmentally friendly.

Litchfield by the Sea is a great place to stay.  Great golf packages are available this fall.    Fall is a spectacular time to come and see for yourself the care and dedication that all the local managers give to their courses.

Average Annual Temperatures for Litchfield Beach / Pawleys Island

Average Seasonal Temperatures

High    Low

Summer 91º F    67º F

Fall 85º F    46º F

Winter 63º F    37º F

Spring 83º F    45º F

In the Georgetown/Pawleys Island/Litchfield area, the weather is delightful all year round. The Gulf Stream modifies both the winter’s cold and summer’s heat. Fresh ocean breezes blow almost constantly in summer. The heavy rains are in the hottest months.

The normal July temperature is 80.3 °F, and in January it is 48.8 °F. There is an average of 300 clear days a year, snow is seldom seen, and the annual precipitation is 50.73 inches.

In summer, the normal high for this area is around 85ºF and the usual low around 70ºF.  In June, 85% of the time it will be mostly sunny and humid with a few late afternoon storms. During the summer months, the ocean water is about twenty degrees warmer than the ocean water along New York beaches.  The lowest temperature this area ocean water has reached is 47ºF in January, and the highest is 88ºF in July.

Fall is the prettiest season of the year. September days are fine and warm, and the nights are beginning to cool.  October and November have temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s.  Nightly lows range from the 40’s to the 60’s.  March and April are some of the wetter months, but there is still more sunshine than rain during the spring.  In March, temperatures average around 70ºF during the afternoon and 48ºF at night.

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