Myrtle Beach International Aiport Upgrades & Improvements


We are starting to see more visitors in the Grand Strand thanks to spring break and the snow up north. For those that are flying in and out of Myrtle Beach, they will soon be using the new 274,000-square-foot terminal at Myrtle Beach International Airport (myr), which is set to officially open on April 2.  We are all excited because it is almost three years in the making. Airport and city officials are hoping that it will attract major airlines.

So, what does it mean for you? There is a brand new kiosk system. Instead of waiting in line for the airline you are flying with, you can go to any available kiosk to check in, which means quicker check-in times.  Also, a brand-new luggage system is 98 percent hands-free and  luggage will get to the plane quicker and more efficiently. The screening process is also more intense, making flights safer.

There are also more  choices in places to eat.  Besides The Samuel Adams Brew House, Pizza Hut, Java Coast Coffee and Subway, you will also be able to dine at Nacho Hippo, Steak and Shake or Caribou Cafe.

So Myrtle Beach, will this make you want to fly more or will you still prefer to drive to your destination? After moving down from Philadelphia where you had to add an extra hour onto your trip just to park, the hometown feel of our airport and easy parking does encourage travelers to leave the car at the airport instead of the road.



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