Restaurant Closing: Mayors House Pawleys Island

It’s been 16 years…After an incredible run as one of Pawleys Island’s longest running and most respected restaurants, the popular favorite is closing it’s doors.

The original Mayor’s House, opened by owners Chet and Karen Herman, was located near the Myrtle Square Mall and operated from 1989-1997. In 1995, the Pawleys Island location opened and has been home to such wonderful dishes, like their popular fried lobster. A personal favorite, and personally considered the best in the area, is their she-crab soup.

Other dishes include Filet Mignon, Lobster Cardinal, Rack of Lamb and Chateaubriand.

Chet and Karen sold the Mayor’s House in 2004, but reacquired it a year later to the praise of local customers.

The restaurant, was aesthetically known for their pink swan sculpture that graced the curbside. It was accidentally destroyed by the second owner who moved it to the back of the building. When the Herman’s reacquired the Mayor’s House. A new sculpture, in the form of a large lobster, took it’s place. Each year the sculptures were adorned with holiday ’embellishments’ from Santa hats, Halloween Masks and Easter ears.

Inside, along with tantalizing meals, owners Chet and Karen would play saxophone and sing on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The class, sophistication and elegance of this widely local favorite will be sorely missed.


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