Restaurant Review: PIT = Pawleys Island Tavern

They call it the PIT.

Pawleys Island Tavern is a roadside eatery actually hidden off the main road in a world of its own.

The address is 10635 Ocean Highway in Pawleys Island, but there is no road sign letting travelers know as much. There is a mailbox with the aforementioned address and the word “PIT” written on it.

An arrow is on the mailbox, located just passed the Mole Hole Shop, pointing down the dirt road where the eatery is.

Tiki lights illuminated the tiki bar out front on the night I went, but I didn’t pay much attention to the decor, minus the sight of white chairs on an open patio.

As soon as I walked in, I came upon the kitchen and the bar area before I was seated in the rear, nonsmoking area.

I was joined at dinner by Sandi and Jack Dent. I had met Sandi Dent about an hour earlier while shopping at The Candy Cottage.

She was the one who told me about the PIT and asked that I join her and her husband for dinner.

I had no idea the PIT was what it is, which is a funky, hole-in-the wall restaurant and bar frequented by eclectic and delightful people.

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