Average Annual Temperatures for Litchfield Beach / Pawleys Island

Average Seasonal Temperatures

High    Low

Summer 91º F    67º F

Fall 85º F    46º F

Winter 63º F    37º F

Spring 83º F    45º F

In the Georgetown/Pawleys Island/Litchfield area, the weather is delightful all year round. The Gulf Stream modifies both the winter’s cold and summer’s heat. Fresh ocean breezes blow almost constantly in summer. The heavy rains are in the hottest months.

The normal July temperature is 80.3 °F, and in January it is 48.8 °F. There is an average of 300 clear days a year, snow is seldom seen, and the annual precipitation is 50.73 inches.

In summer, the normal high for this area is around 85ºF and the usual low around 70ºF.  In June, 85% of the time it will be mostly sunny and humid with a few late afternoon storms. During the summer months, the ocean water is about twenty degrees warmer than the ocean water along New York beaches.  The lowest temperature this area ocean water has reached is 47ºF in January, and the highest is 88ºF in July.

Fall is the prettiest season of the year. September days are fine and warm, and the nights are beginning to cool.  October and November have temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s.  Nightly lows range from the 40’s to the 60’s.  March and April are some of the wetter months, but there is still more sunshine than rain during the spring.  In March, temperatures average around 70ºF during the afternoon and 48ºF at night.

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