Paranormal Conference Coming February 2011

Special Guests

Shannon Sylvia
Steven LaChance
Stephen Lancaster
Port City Paranormal
Battleship North Carolina
& more yet to be announced!

Only 100 tickets available
for the full conference!

Investigate the Brentwood
that night with
Shannon Sylvia
& Stephen Lancaster!!!

Only 10 tickets available for the
overnight investigation!

monsterVisionTV and the Brentwood Wine Bistro will be hosting a Paranormal Conference February 2011! Tickets will be limited! A full day inside the Haunted Bistro with guest speakers, workshops and more! Take a stroll down to Luck Avenue if you dare!

Click HERE for more info and get added to the mailing list

Need a place to stay this is not haunted? Click HERE

TIP: FOR INDIVIDUAL ENTHUSIASTS: An educational Ghost Tour at the Haunted Brentwood Wine Bistro in Little River, SC. Stephen will guide you through the building while discussing the activity that is common to the location. During the tours, you will also become educated on the equipment used for Paranormal Research and how it was implemented in determining the validity of the restaurants claims. Tours are offered Saturday evenings, beginning at 10:30pm and ending at 1am. The cost is $25 a person with a minimum of 5 maximum of 10 guests.

FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH GROUPS: The Brentwood Wine Bistro is available for investigation work Saturday evenings only. Your group will have exclusive use of the building for research accompanied by Paranormal Researcher Stephen Lancaster. You may begin set up at 10:30pm and conduct research until 4am. Productive research may result in an extension of time at the sole discretion of Mr. Lancaster. The cost is $50 a person with a minimum of 5 maximum of 10 people


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