High Hammock in Pawleys Island Closes

A few months ago, we posted a review of the High Hammock in Pawleys Island HERE However, two years after Maverick Southern Kitchens expanded its Charleston-based restaurant group into Pawleys Island with a fine dining restaurant called High Hammock Maverick Seaside Kitchen, it has closed.

The last meals were served on Labor Day, and today Dick Elliott, president of Maverick Southern Kitchens, and Maverick corporate executive chef, Frank Lee, are overseeing the packing up of the restaurant’s inventory. Elliott said the company “made several miscalculations” when deciding to lease High Hammock in the summer of 2008.

Maverick Southern Kitchens is working with South Neck Investors, the company that owns The Hammock Shops in Pawleys Island where High Hammock was located, to help find a new restaurant to occupy the 10,000-square-foot space that encompasses an indoor tavern, an outdoor covered dining area and bar, a main dining room and private rooms and an upstairs banquet hall.

Maverick thoroughly remodeled the building after its former occupant, Chef Louis Osteen who had Louis’s at Pawleys and the Fish Camp Bar, left in 2008. The restaurant was rewired, replumbed, remodeled and had new kitchen equipment and an elevator installed.

Read more about the restaurant closing HERE


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