Why you should vacation at Litchfield Beach / Pawley’s Island

Litchfield Beach, SC is found about fifteen minutes from central Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach, SC pulls millions of visitors a year who come for the beach, golfing, shopping and lots of the other local activities.

Litchfield Beach is found in Pawleys Island, SC. The area is gorgeous, with low density development ; the natural environment has been saved. Pawleys Island has some extraordinary first class golfing courses. Lots of the golfing courses were build on old plantation and you can still see remains of plenty of the old rice plantations.

As far as value of your Pawleys Island holiday, there are only a few resorts in the area with the 2 preferred being Litchfield by the Sea and Litchfield Inn. Litchfield by the Sea has great conveniences together with an on-site restaurant , Starbucks and spa simply to name a couple. Many travelers coming to the area hire one of the beach holiday houses TIP click here . The most important and is the standard of holiday you get when you visit the area.

Pawleys Island has some of the finest eateries TIP click here in the south and you do not have to battle the busy crowds in the summertime solely to get a great meal. The beaches are also more isolated. Due to the locale of Litchfield By The Sea you’ve got to be a guest at the resort to be ready to use the beach there, so you just about have a personal beach. As far as cost, vacationing in Pawleys Island is not too much different that Myrtle Beach. Just like Myrtle Beach there are some off the beach lower cost options. However Pawleys Island has kept a low density policy on building so in the property boom the area didn’t have any new high rises built sea front. Pawleys Island beaches have been so isolated sea turtles have selected the white wonderful beaches to lay their eggs.

Lots of the neighbors have been extraordinarily protecting over these sites where sea turtle nests have been typically found. While there are several reason you need to holiday in the Myrtle Beach
area, the choice is clear if you’d like a quality relaxed vacation , away from all of serious traffic areas but close enough to enjoy unending options of fun, Come to Litchfield Beach in Pawleys Island, SC.


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